Ramblings of a Writer and Artist

Witness no More

I have been part of the @noblewitness team for a while, alongside @SirCork, @Anarcho-andrei and @rhondak. Due to recent events that I won’t go into detail about, I have decided to hang up my witness hat.

The politics involved with running a witness can be complex and are becoming increasingly distasteful to me. One has to make associations that, in any other circumstances, one wouldn’t normally make. I want to be me, the best me I can be, without sacrificing my personal values and integrity.

There has not been a falling out with my former team members, we remain friends. My number one focus shall return to @thewritersblock, Steemhouse Publishing and Wordrow.

It has become clear during Steemfest here in Poland that we are onto something huge with our vision for the future of publishing. The reception to our presentation was extremely positive. The numerous chats that we have had with other attendees has generated a lot of excitement for the direction we are taking with creative writing on the blockchain. And that has to be my number one focus.


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