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Steemfest3 Bound

In just over two weeks time I will begin my journey to Krakow, Poland, to attend Steemfest3. After a small hiccup in securing my Steemfest ticket, I bought my flights this week. I shall be flying from Birmingham, my local airport, to Amsterdam, before continuing to Poland. I booked into the INX Design Hotel, one of the two ‘official’ Steemfest hotels, as soon as the event was announced.

Not only am I looking to catch up with some awesome steemians I met at last year’s event in Lisbon, and new attendees, but I am listed as a speaker at Steemfest. I will be joined by fellow co-admin and co-creator of @thewritersblock @rhondak to discuss our community, Steemhouse Fiction publishing company, and our new frontend called Wordrow.

Fellow TWB member @jayna will also be in attendance. I had the pleasure of meeting both Jayna and Rhonda earlier this year in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

Me and @jayna in Tennessee

Since that trip I also met up with Rhonda once more when we attended @steemcafe’s Steem Creators Conference in Toronto.

@Jasonbu and @rhondak in Toronto

By the time I return from Krakow, I will have taken an unbelievable 19 different Steem related flights during the past twelve months, visiting eight different countries along the way. To keep my costs down I try to find the cheapest flights, which inevitably leads to more indirect routes and layovers.

Since setting out for Steemfest2 last year I have discovered a love for travel. Originally I was to travel to Lisbon with my best friend, but with Monarch Airlines going bust last year, we both lost money on our flights and he could not afford to get another one. Thanks to @roelandp I still made it to Lisbon, traveling solo for the first time in my life. Although quite apprehensive at making the trek on my own, I soon found I rather enjoyed it.

This will be my first time in Poland and I’m very much looking forward to it. Not only for the event itself, but also to discover some of the country and its rich history. I am quite looking forward to visiting the Auschwitz concentration camp, just over an hour away from Krakow.


Will you be at Steemfest3? Let me know below. Let’s meet up in Krakow and share a drink or three 😁


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