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Steemfest Day 2 – MS Strikes!

The second day of Steemfest3 began with an Uber ride to the ICE Krakow Conference Center. My agenda for the day was to catch up with some presentations, host a roundtable discussion, take part in other discussions and to be part of a panel to discuss the ramifications of tokenizing the web.

Held on the third floor of this magnificent building, tables were laden with food of all types and drink -, both hot and cold – were available for thirsty Steemians who gathered around tables to discuss Steem, projects, and the whole ecosystem.

@Rhondak and I joined an interesting roundtable discussion held by @blocktrades. Also in attendance were @teamsteem, @therealwolf, @alexvan, and a few others I hadn’t yet had the chance to meet.

Once this was over I made my way out of the hall to feed my hunger, and I bumped into @ura-soul. We were in a deep discussion when @starkerz joined us and we explored how @thewritersblock and @oracle-d could work together.


Not long after this ended, it struck. Not as a slow-moving wave but like a bolt from the sky or a head explosion. Suddenly I was dizzy, feeling sick, my legs no longer agreeing with each other as to which way to take me. They gave up arguing and decided not to work at all.

I had to sit down, and quickly before I fell. Luckily I managed to drag myself over to a free spot, swaying like a drunkard. Flopping onto the seat, I started to shake. Seeing my sudden change, @rhondak rushed over to ask what she could do to help. I had a panel to attend with @Fredrikaa within thirty minutes. I wasn’t going to be able to make it, so I asked Rhonda to convey my apologies.

Seeing the state I was in, the lovely @roxane came over to ask what was up. She fetched me a glass of water and sat with me until Rhonda returned. We both agreed the best thing for me to do was to return to the hotel to lie down and recuperate. We caught an elevator down to the ground floor and made our way outside to summon an Uber. The world was pitching and twisting in my head and, as I sat down, I began to shake even more uncontrollably.

Multiple Sclerosis affects your nervous system throughout, and not just with physical symptoms. All of a sudden overwhelming emotions bubbled to the surface and I found myself crying like a fool. Pulling my cap over my face to avoid embarrassment, I felt things getting worse. Would we have to cancel the Uber and call an ambulance instead? I didn’t relish the idea of spending the rest of Steemfest in a Polish hospital.

Our car arrived quickly, despite it being rush hour in Krakow. I barely remember the trip back to the hotel, nor the elevator ride up to the fourth floor. I took some medication and flopped down onto the bed. Thankfully by now, the shaking had subsided to mild tremors. As my head hit the pillow I slipped off to sleep quickly, sorry that I had made Rhonda and I miss the rest of day two of Steemfest.

It has been several years since I had an episode like this. It scared the life out of me, not because I didn’t know it would pass, but because I was over a thousand miles from home and away from everything I know. Thankfully Rhonda was with me and @roxane came over to help. Word must have gotten around because the next day many people came over to check that I was ok once more.

I’d like to thank @rhondak and @roxane for their help and everyone else who showed their concern the following day.


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