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Say Hi To Nugget. Muxxy’s Family Grows.

Several weeks ago, before my trip to Toronto, a family friend was looking for a new home for a 4 foot tropical freshwater fish tank, complete with fish. She was moving to a smaller property and wouldn’t have the room. Ms Muxx agreed and we went to pick it up. Upon arriving we discovered that she also had cats, one of which had not long had kittens. They were adorable and we instantly fell in love with a little curious and friendly ginger Tom. He has a ginger sister, a black brother and two sisters, and a gorgeous tortoiseshell sister. The kittens were born July 31st.

We already have a black cat called Mr Willis – or Baron Von Wilheim the Third, to give his full name. He’s getting on and is around 10 years old.

Our daughter Pixie loves animals, much like the rest of us, and we knew she would love a new kitten, so we agreed to foster him. He wouldn’t be ready to leave his mum for a few more weeks, which fit in perfectly with my Canada trip.

While I was away my other half bought a litter tray, feeding bowl, collar, and bed for him. A few days after I returned home we went to pick him up. The lady we had him from was quite tearful when we left with him, as he was the most outgoing and playful of the litter.

We introduced the kitten to Bella, our Lhasa Apso. She has had two litters and instantly took to the new kitty like he was her own. He terrorizes her by trying to feed from her, but mostly they play together well. This is surprising as Bella has never really played, even when she was a pup.

Kim has a mild cat allergy, but very much enjoys her kitty cuddles. We asked the children to choose a name and the only one they agreed upon was Garfield. We felt it didn’t suit him and for a few days he was called Simba. Then, one day when I was hunting for little nuggets in his litter tray, the name Nugget leapt out. He’s sort of coloured like a chicken nugget and it suits him. We mostly call him Nuggy.

He is funny, playful, loves his belly tickled and is very tolerant of my daughter carrying him round like a baby. He settled in amazingly quickly and we love how the dog has taken to him.

Today we leave for our annual family vacation. Both my son and daughter were upset that we’re having to leave him, and shed a few tears. My step daughter is staying at the house to look after our menagerie.

We’ll all miss our little Nugget.


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