Ramblings of a Writer and Artist


Sunday Emergency

Sundays are usually quiet affairs in the Muxxy household. I get a lie in, only to get woken up either by a dog, cat, or Kim bringing me a strong dose of caffeine to bring me round. As it’s the day before the first schoolday of the week, I spend a little time ironing the kids’ uniforms. Yes, despite the rough exterior, I am quite domesticated.

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3D Modeling

High Kill Book Cover Design in 3D

When I first began on Steem, I shared and posted about my hobby, 3D modeling. Since getting into writing fiction and co-creating @thewritersblock, I have not had much of a chance to indulge in this pastime. Steemhouse Publishing, our publishing house, is in the final stages of editing our first book called High Kill, written by our very own @rhondak under her pen name, Diane Ryan. This book would naturally need cover art and a month or so ago we set about designing one.

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Witness no More

I have been part of the @noblewitness team for a while, alongside @SirCork, @Anarcho-andrei and @rhondak. Due to recent events that I won’t go into

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Hello Krakow

After two trains and two flights I made my way to Krakow yesterday ready for Steemfest. I flew with KLM, Royal Dutch Airlines, and my

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