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My Life is About To Get More Pink


Whatever do I mean? Are the Muxxy’s expecting a child of the female variety? God, no! Have I binged on watching the Pink Panther? Newp. Am I suddenly embracing my girlish side? As if. Let me explain.

Early on during my first tour of duty as an MSP moderator, @kubbyelizabeth burst onto the PAL server with demands that her username should be in pink. She caused a mini girl power revolution and the pink was bestowed upon her and other users. Ordinarily, such forceful characters would get my hackles up, but Kubby is such a funny, caring, helpful lady that you cannot help but love her. She is a strong and principled young woman with firm beliefs, and I respect that. The Minnowsupport leadership saw these qualities too and promoted her to moderator, where she does an excellent job.

A while ago Kubby announced that she was going to attend a wedding in France before traveling to London to visit a friend. Would I be up for a visit from the Pink One while she is in England? Of course! While I live nowhere near London, England is tiny compared to some US states – as I discovered during my recent trip to Tennessee. A few hours on the train and Kubby would be in my neck of the woods. She had asked me to recommend somewhere for her to stay the night before her return to London to catch her returning flight back to the US. Perhaps a local hotel or Airbnb? Don’t be silly Kubbs, you’ll stay with the Muxxys.

Well, that long planned day is finally here! Kubby’s train gets into my local station at around 11 tonight, from where we’ll go pick her up. ‘Oh God, does she have any dietary requirements?’ asked Ms Muxx. ‘Um…lemme check’ I replied. I sent the question to Kubby and was informed that, when it is convenient, she is vegan – but not to go to any trouble. Um, ok. What DO vegans eat? Well, while Ms Muxx is visiting our local supermarket and looking in the vegan section, I was relieved to think that rosé wine is not off limits: while my usual tipple is a deep red wine, Kubby and I have long talked about sharing a glass or two of something more pink.


I am excited to meet her – and slightly scared: Kubby is a force of nature. Meeting people I have spoken with online for a while is always interesting: one builds a mental image of what they are like in real life. Since my time on Steem I have met Steemians at Steemfest last year and during my trip to Tennessee a few months ago. It’s always a peculiar feeling when you meet in real life to discover that it’s like you are long lost friends.


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