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It’s a Small (Steem) World

Last week when I arrived in Lanzarote for my family vacation, I discovered that sea lover and water sports enthusiast @surfermarly lives here, one of the Canary Islands. I got in touch with her via Discord and we organised a mini Steem meetup at my hotel resort. @surfermarly lives an hour north from here and drove down to see me today to chat and share a drink or two.

I have long maintained that the universe has some kind of plan in play. The meetings and coincidences that have occurred during my Steem life continue to amaze me: not only does Marly live on this island, but her home is actually where we spent our vacation last year! We may well have walked past each other and not known.

I saw Marly in Lisbon at last year’s Steemfest, but didn’t get around to chatting with her, unfortunately. At that time I was still new to the platform and a bit starry eyed at all the ‘Steem famous’ personalities there, and I considered Marly a Steem veteran,having joined in 2016.

Today’s mini meetup was an intimate occasion and we talked about our backgrounds and lives over drinks. The subject soon drew to Steem and Steemit. Dodging a ball, as we had inadvertently sat next to the pool while a water polo game was in session, we spoke about the current state of Steem, its direction,and the communities built up around it. We both agreed there is so much potential here but things could be better managed, particularly for newcomers to the platform.

Moving a safe distance away from flying polo balls, we made our way to another bar and sat with another drink as I learned that @surfermarly, water sport fanatic, actually used to be scared of water. Yes, truly.

The two hours flew by and before I knew it, Marly had to return to the family business. We both remarked how weird it is to meet people from Steem, already having a connection with them as though we’d been friends for years. Marly is such a cool and awesome lady, and it was an absolute pleasure to meet and share a few drinks and conversation.

Thank you so much for travelling down south to spend a few hours chatting. Good times.


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