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Here I Go Again On My Own

It feels like only yesterday when I was setting out on my long trek to Tennessee for the first @thewritersblock meetup. In reality it was a few months ago. Yet here I sit on my first train, composing a post in the WordPress app on my brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 9, about to begin documenting my latest international wanderings.

Its 10:15pm local time and this is the last train of the day from my home town to Birmingham International Airport. The earliest tomorrow morning would leave me precious little time to check in for my first flight, that one to Dublin. Once there I will have a three hour wait for my transatlantic flight to Canada.

Why am I going to Canada? @steemcafe has organised the Steem Creators and SMT conference, which kicks off in a few days in Toronto. Joining me there will be fellow @thewritersblock cohorts @Jasonbu and @rhondak. We will be in attendance to present our new front end which, while currently in beta, aims to solve a lot of problems facing steem creators on Steemit. This will be the second point of our TWB triangle, the first being The Writers’ Block discord channel and community, while the third is out publishing house.

While I am there to support Rhonda and Jason, they will be doing the hard work presenting our vision to those in attendance. I however have the honour of representing @steempress.io. I’m not gonna lie, I am reading standing up and speaking to a crowd. Believe it or not I am quite a shy and reserved person in real life, so this will be way out of my comfort zone. I do however see it as a challenge and am strangely looking forward to pushing myself. Who knows, maybe by the time Steemfest rolls along in November, I might feel comfortable enough to join Rhonda on stage.

The ever awesome @eturnerx made this trip possible for Rhonda and myself as he understands our vision and has blessed our community with his support from day one. We are most grateful to him.

Well, my first stop is coming up soon and I have to swap trains to the airport. I will be spending the night there again, as I did a few months ago. Maybe I will post again before my first flight, if not then certainly before I cross the ocean.

Thanks for reading.


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