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Hello Krakow

After two trains and two flights I made my way to Krakow yesterday ready for Steemfest. I flew with KLM, Royal Dutch Airlines, and my first flight had me in Amsterdam within an hour from Birmingham, UK. A few hours later I caught my second flight to Krakow. This one was just short of one and a half hours.

As planned I was to meet up with @Rhondak at the airport as her flight from Warsaw was half hour behind mine. Once she’d gathered her luggage we summoned an Uber to take us to our hotel, the INX Design.

With Polish dubstep pumping through the car stereo, Oleksii played it cool as he drove us to our destination. Either that or he spoke little English.

The hotel is very nice and quite upmarket, with cool, albeit impractical design elements throughout the room.

I wandered down the street this morning to find some supplies and wondered why I was turning heads. I then realised that I was the only person in Krakow walking around in just a t-shirt – everyone else is wearing coats and hats. I guess I am too used to UK weather.

A lot of the architecture is quite old and interesting here and I snapped a few photos along my walk.

I just love the intricacy of these old doors.

Until next time…do widzenia!


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