Ramblings of a Writer and Artist

Final Day in Lanzarote Vlog

My last vlog from this beautiful island in The Canaries. I speak about my time reconnecting with the family, getting closer to my other half and enjoying my sea adventures snorkeling.

Back full time on Steem in a few days, I also talk about steemfest in Poland next month and put out a call to help get @Rhondak there too. I will be speaking at Steemfest about @thewritersblock, Steemhouse Publishing, and Wordrow, our forthcoming creator’s focused front end, and would love for Rhonda to share the stage with me.

Apart from my own selfish reasons – I’m not much of a talker – Rhonda is working herself to death at her animal shelter, @tarc here on steem, under extreme circumstances without any help from her openly hostile community. A break in Poland would do her the world of good, and if anybody can help get her there, please get in touch with her.

Thanks for watching. See you on the other side.



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