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Come On Baby, Light My Fire – Pyrography.


A friend of mine runs a mobile bar and catering business. Last year he asked me to do some work for him in the form of burning designs into these wooden bottle cases.

His company is called Love Street Foods and the mobile bar is Love Bubble & Fizz.

The first design he wanted was this.

The bar also supplies gins and vodkas from UK company Chase Liquors, so he also wanted this brand on some cases.


Chase distilleries also has a cider line called Willy’s.


A few weeks ago he got in touch with me, wanting more designs burned onto cases. This time, he is supplying the Peaky Blinders line of liquors from Sadler’s.


Obviously the name is derived from the UK TV series centered around a crime family in 1920s Birmingham, my local big city. I found the closest font to the Peaky Blinders brand and printed out the design, before taping it to the side of a case.

I decided at this point that the frame around the text was too involved, so I simplified it. As the wood is quite soft, I traced the design with a 2H pencil, which transferred nicely into the wood.

Next I got out my Dremel butane versatip torch and selected a thin tip to trace the outlines.

It took around 30 minutes to cover all of the outlines.

Of course I couldn’t use a plastic ruler to create the straight lines as the torch gets really hot. Although I used a metal ruler, I still had to be careful as that would heat up too.

To fill in the letters I changed the tip to a flat one.

I love the smell of wood burning as I do this. Sometimes however, especially around knots in the wood, I have to burn for longer as the wood is harder and sap starts to bubble out, which in turn cools it down. More smoke than usual flows out and is somewhat acrid.

From start to finish, including tracing from paper, this took around two hours. Only another three to go…

Thanks for looking.


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