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And So It Begins…Steemfest Bound

Having gone to bed early last night, knowing I planned to be up at 4.30 am, I tossed and turned in my bed. Sleep eluded me, despite how hard I tried to calm my mind. Was it nerves? Worry? Excitement? Maybe a bit of all three. I just couldn’t shut my brain off.

I finally gave up just after 3, rechecked my packed case, making sure I had all the cables and chargers any traveling blogger should need. I had a coffee and a spot of breakfast while flicking through the inane channels on the TV.

My train to the airport arrives at my local station at 5.48. Just before I left my house at 5 my other half called down to me, wishing me a safe trip. I trotted back upstairs for one last kiss and a goodbye before rechecking my pockets and leaving.

A short 20 minute walk later finds me sat at the station, awaiting my train. My first flight, which takes me to Amsterdam, is scheduled to take off just after 9, so I should get to the airport with a few hours to spare to get through customs. From Amsterdam I then fly to Krakow.

My fellow co-admin from @thewritersblock, @rhondak, has been travelling from the States since yesterday morning. We both arrive at Krakow within half hour of each other.

So many Steemians I know will be in attendance and I cannot wait to meet them all!

Look out for further updates of my Steemfest3 adventure!


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