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A Wild Kubby This Way Comes

A few days ago I wrote about an expected visit from none other than the pink goddess and girl power queen @kubbyelizabeth. She had traveled to France for a wedding, popped over to London to meet up with @stickchumpion and then took on a four-hour train journey to meet the Muxxys.

Her train was to arrive just before 11 pm and we had agreed to go pick her up from our local station, which is just five minutes away. As our car pulled up there she was: even in the darkness, her huge smile shone out across the carpark. I have spoken with Kubby for over twelve months and finally, the time had come to give her a big old Muxxy squeeze. Let me tell you, Kubby is awesome at hugs. Once I had gotten over her beaming smile I noticed how much taller she was than I expected. It’s weird how even though you might have seen photos of somebody, you form your own mental picture of them. After our hug, she leaped across the passenger seat to give my other half an equally strong Kubby hug. This was going to be fun.

Our two kids and my grandson who was also staying the night were quite excited to meet somebody from America. At first, they were kinda shy, but Kubby quickly introduced herself, asked their names, and bestowed cuddles on them too. They were soon at ease. My son Harley has a bedroom downstairs, and he graciously agreed to let our visitor have it for the night. He even went so far as to put up a welcoming sign for her. Naturally, as the pink goddess, we changed his bedclothes for something more suitable for the Kubbster.

After all of the travel, Kubby was in desperate need of freshening up, so off she popped for a quick shower before joining us in the lounge. She then announced to the children that we were going to be playing games. My daughter Pixie was thrilled and off she ran to get some board games. Meanwhile, I had promised Kubby that we would have pink wine when she visited. Ms. Muxx and Kubby tucked into the rosé and I slurped on some of my favorite deep red.

The children really took to Kubby and after a few board games and some rounds of bingo, they settled onto the sofa with her. Pixie very much enjoyed her cuddles, so much so that as time wore on she fell asleep on Kubby.

I was also very happy to see that Ms. Muxx – Kim – also very much liked Kubby: although I have known her for a year, I was acutely aware that to the rest of my family, Kubby was a stranger, and I did worry if they would get on. I’m glad those feelings were ill-founded. Time had quickly worn on to half past two in the morning so we bid each other a good night and trundled off to bed, but not before Kubby had told the children that we would go to the park the next day. Yup, I fully expected to be woken up by them really early in the morning. Gee, thanks Kubby 😀

As it turned out, I needn’t have worried. When I got up around ten, my daughter was still in bed. Meanwhile, Kubby, Harley and my grandson Chaise had a few rounds of tag out the front of the house. I checked what time Kubby was to catch her train back to London and made plans with Kim to take everyone to a nearby town with a huge park, arcade, and where we would introduce Kubby to some proper English fish and chips. Impatient to see Pixie, Kubby went upstairs and softly woke her up with cuddles and kisses. We were then joined by my stepdaughter Demi – Chaise’s mum – and we all piled into our car and drove fifteen minutes to Stourport.

Kubby is great with kids and she was running around the park with them, pushing them on the roundabout and generally having a good time with them. There’s something magical about Kubby: my stepdaughter rarely takes easily to anyone, but again Kubby worked her magic and Demi quickly became a fan.

Next up we went to the arcade where the children went on the two penny slot machines. Pixie did really well, winning many sweets, lollies, and prize tickets. Just as she reached her last few coins, she would win again.

After walking around the arcade for a while, we took the opportunity for a sit-down and a group photo.

We had soon developed a thirst, so off we went to a local pub. Wine for the ladies, pop for the kids and a beer for myself. We found a comfortable corner with sofas and chairs.

Once we had finished our drinks it was time to get fish and chips. We decided to eat them in the park, where a group photo of us all was taken by an obliging stranger.

Pixie, Harley, Kubby, Kim, Chaise, Kubby and me.

As we battled some hungry wasps, we sat on the grass, unpacked our lunch and ate fish and chips. Kubby seemed to really enjoy it, but as the portion size was quite large, we all struggled to finish.

Once lunch was finished, we returned back home. Flicking through the movies on offer on TV, Kubby spotted The Greatest Showman. She had listened to the soundtrack but not watched it yet. As luck would have it, Kim and the kids really love the musical, so we settled down to watch it. The children cuddled up with Kubby and various voices burst out in song throughout.

When the movie finished, Demi and Chaise said their goodbyes and went home. A few days earlier I had asked Kubby if she had any dietary needs we had to cater for. She told me that when it was convenient she was a vegan, but not to make a fuss. Try telling that to Ms Muxx: she went shopping the previous day and procured some vegan burgers and sausages. We cooked them up, got some salad on the go and all ate vegan that evening. They weren’t half bad: as a certified carnivore, I quite enjoyed the burgers.

Evening meal finished, Kubby freshened up ready for her return home. She repacked her case and when the time came we drove her back to the train station. Our short time together was soon to be over. I was a little worried about Pixie and Harley – they are both quite sensitive and I knew that after getting on so well with Kubby, they would miss her.

On the train platform, we tried to keep them in good spirits while waiting for Kubby’s train. All too soon it arrived. More hugs were exchanged together with sad goodbyes. It had been a wild 24 hours but one that my family and I will remember for a long time. Kubby is the loveliest lady anyone could ever hope to meet and lived up to my expectations of what she would be like in real life.

As her train picked up speed and we waved her off, I had a little lump in my throat when I turned to see Pixie’s eyes begin to fill with tears. I have made her a promise that next time I speak with Kubby on Discord in voice, Pixie is there to speak with her too.

Safe travels Kubby, thanks for brightening our lives.


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