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    Sunday Emergency

    Sundays are usually quiet affairs in the Muxxy household. I get a lie in, only to get woken up either by a dog, cat, or Kim bringing me a strong dose of caffeine to bring me round. As it’s the day before the first schoolday of the week, I spend a little time ironing the kids’ uniforms. Yes, despite the rough exterior, I am quite domesticated. Yesterday our son, who is nearly twelve, complained of a pain and had trouble walking properly. He went off to bed last night having taken some painkillers, and we said we would see how he was today. It’s not unheard of for him to…

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    Lanzarote Vlog #1

    A quick vlog recorded at the beach in Lanzarote during my family vacation. I talk about the value of downtime and making time for the family, while focused so much on Steem. Enjoy, and excuse the hat. I’m on vacation.

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    Family Vacation in Lanzarote

    Yesterday the Muxxy family set out for our annual vacation. Destination: Lanzarote in the Canary Islands. Our taxi took us to the airport a few hours before we were due to board. The flight was mostly fine, except as we descended to land, my daughter’s ears didn’t adjust to the change of altitude, so many tears of pain were shed. A flight attendant brought her a cup of something to sniff. It smeeled like teatree oil and it eventually did the trick. We landed at around 8.30 pm and had a half hour wait for our luggage before we caught a coach to our resort. We were the 4th stop…

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    Say Hi To Nugget. Muxxy’s Family Grows.

    Several weeks ago, before my trip to Toronto, a family friend was looking for a new home for a 4 foot tropical freshwater fish tank, complete with fish. She was moving to a smaller property and wouldn’t have the room. Ms Muxx agreed and we went to pick it up. Upon arriving we discovered that she also had cats, one of which had not long had kittens. They were adorable and we instantly fell in love with a little curious and friendly ginger Tom. He has a ginger sister, a black brother and two sisters, and a gorgeous tortoiseshell sister. The kittens were born July 31st. We already have a…