Travel, Health, Stress, and Why I’ll Do It Again

My new found taste for travel began last year with my solo trek to Portugal for Steemfest. Originally a friend was coming with me but the airline we booked with went into liquidation, and he could not afford to purchase further flights. Thanks to a @roelandp’s generosity, I managed to get the cheapest flights I

Trip to USA : The Long Trek Home

We returned to Gatlinburg for Scott to pick up his car and I made my farewells. Throughout my time in Tennessee, @sk43 made me more than welcome and took me under his wing, teaching me the ins and outs of American life. I think we have a lot in common, not least the love for

Trip to USA: Last Day Excursion

My final day in The States began with a hearty breakfast at IHOP. I just had to try pancakes with bacon, drizzled with syrup. Yes, it was good, damn good. I can imagine that after a month or two in America I would easily double in size – the portions are so big yet tasty,

Writers’ Block Update, Direction and Future

    Gatlinburg If you have been following my feed you will no doubt be aware of my recent trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Although I had a great time sampling Americana, the main purpose was for key personnel to meet @instructor2121 and discuss plans to create a new frontend, to our specifications, with an eventual