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    Mini Muxxes Get a Cockpit Tour

    My family and I returned to the UK from our vacation in Lanzarote in the early hours of yesterday morning. As we boarded our flight my other half asked if the kids would be able to go see the captain and cockpit. I wasn’t sure it was still allowed. I remember my own father taking me to visit the captain during a flight in my youth, but obviously since 9-11 security has been stepped up tremendously. Nonetheless, as a flight attendant called Julie walked past, we asked if it was possible. In flight is a definite nono, and that makes sense. But she did say that it was at the…

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    Final Day in Lanzarote Vlog

    My last vlog from this beautiful island in The Canaries. I speak about my time reconnecting with the family, getting closer to my other half and enjoying my sea adventures snorkeling. Back full time on Steem in a few days, I also talk about steemfest in Poland next month and put out a call to help get @Rhondak there too. I will be speaking at Steemfest about @thewritersblock, Steemhouse Publishing, and Wordrow, our forthcoming creator’s focused front end, and would love for Rhonda to share the stage with me. Apart from my own selfish reasons – I’m not much of a talker – Rhonda is working herself to death at…

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    It’s a Small (Steem) World

    Last week when I arrived in Lanzarote for my family vacation, I discovered that sea lover and water sports enthusiast @surfermarly lives here, one of the Canary Islands. I got in touch with her via Discord and we organised a mini Steem meetup at my hotel resort. @surfermarly lives an hour north from here and drove down to see me today to chat and share a drink or two. I have long maintained that the universe has some kind of plan in play. The meetings and coincidences that have occurred during my Steem life continue to amaze me: not only does Marly live on this island, but her home is…

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    Humbled and Touched.

    Today was my second day in Lanzarote on our annual family vacation. Several years ago while in Greece I took to snorkeling and spent as much time as I could in the sea. I visited a local shop here and just had to get myself a new mask and snorkel. Suitably equipped, I ventured out into the secluded spot between these sea walls. The water is very calm here and is teaming with fish. We have started taking bread to the beach for the kids to feed them, much to their delight. Mask adjusted, straps tightened, and with the snorkel in mouth, I entered the sea. Eventually, I explored ever…

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    Lanzarote Vlog #1

    A quick vlog recorded at the beach in Lanzarote during my family vacation. I talk about the value of downtime and making time for the family, while focused so much on Steem. Enjoy, and excuse the hat. I’m on vacation.