Autodesk Sketchbook and My ‘Traditional’ Art Journey

Source Yesterday I wrote about my recent absence and mentioned that I have taken a new focus on working traditionally with art, as opposed to my usual 3D modeling and rendering. I remember during my youth spending hours with a pencil in hand sketching everything I could see. Of course, I couldn’t totally forego the

Not More Travel? Why yes, bring on Steemfest3.

So here I was yesterday, formulating my latest post and discussing all the good fortune I have had since joining Steem and traveling around the world. At least I didn’t have a Steemfest to contend with this year, right? But no…along comes @rolandp today and announces the dates for the third fest, this time in

Universal Forces and The Writers’ Block

If you are following The Writers’ Block account – if not, why not? – you will be aware that thanks to the awesome generosity and faith in our vision, @eturnerx has graciously seen fit to ensure that @rhondak and I get to Toronto for the Steem Creators Conference & SMT Summit in September, by giving