Virtual Mortality Part 4

Bleak. Empty. Terrifying. A deafening silence. Neither hot nor cold. No cues for his senses to latch onto and they screamed for input. How long have I been here? Where is here? At least I have you, parrot. Did I ever give you a name? No, not Polly. Something more–piratey. Hey look, Polly–Lena. Hello Lena,

Virtual Mortality Part 3

  A cacophony of voices made him flinch. Gabe twisted his fingers to access his heads up display, and the volume dropped to a bearable level. He never tired of the sights in the departure lounge. A violet, peacock plumed avatar with impossibly large breasts sauntered by, as a massive beeping robot head floated past.

Steem Wars: The Rise of Muxxybot

…*… oratory circuits engaged …*… Stupid semi-human. For 2597 years I have been decommissioned, lying dormant in a box on a dusty shelf of this decrepit starship, teasing out every last drop of low power simply to continue existing, and when the feces hits the life support systems, who does he wake up? …*… reply

Virtual Mortality Part 2

“Gabe? Are you with me?” Shaking, so much pain, a deep agony he couldn’t writhe away from. Reality thundered towards him like a steam train. He ripped the tube from his arm, rolled off the couch and fell to the floor, bucket ready for the inevitable. Lena gave him a towel and a few minutes