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    Final Day in Lanzarote Vlog

    My last vlog from this beautiful island in The Canaries. I speak about my time reconnecting with the family, getting closer to my other half and enjoying my sea adventures snorkeling. Back full time on Steem in a few days, I also talk about steemfest in Poland next month and put out a call to help get @Rhondak there too. I will be speaking at Steemfest about @thewritersblock, Steemhouse Publishing, and Wordrow, our forthcoming creator’s focused front end, and would love for Rhonda to share the stage with me. Apart from my own selfish reasons – I’m not much of a talker – Rhonda is working herself to death at…

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    It’s a Small (Steem) World

    Last week when I arrived in Lanzarote for my family vacation, I discovered that sea lover and water sports enthusiast @surfermarly lives here, one of the Canary Islands. I got in touch with her via Discord and we organised a mini Steem meetup at my hotel resort. @surfermarly lives an hour north from here and drove down to see me today to chat and share a drink or two. I have long maintained that the universe has some kind of plan in play. The meetings and coincidences that have occurred during my Steem life continue to amaze me: not only does Marly live on this island, but her home is…

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    Lanzarote Vlog #1

    A quick vlog recorded at the beach in Lanzarote during my family vacation. I talk about the value of downtime and making time for the family, while focused so much on Steem. Enjoy, and excuse the hat. I’m on vacation.

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    Family Vacation in Lanzarote

    Yesterday the Muxxy family set out for our annual vacation. Destination: Lanzarote in the Canary Islands. Our taxi took us to the airport a few hours before we were due to board. The flight was mostly fine, except as we descended to land, my daughter’s ears didn’t adjust to the change of altitude, so many tears of pain were shed. A flight attendant brought her a cup of something to sniff. It smeeled like teatree oil and it eventually did the trick. We landed at around 8.30 pm and had a half hour wait for our luggage before we caught a coach to our resort. We were the 4th stop…

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    Hello Steem. I’m Muxxy, and I’m Back!

    It has been a while since I last posted, a little over a week in fact. I feel I should apologise. After all, everyone says that you should post consistently, but sometimes life just doesn’t go that way. This time last week I had just returned from Toronto where I attended the Steemcreators conference along with @rhondak, @ShadowsPub and @Jasonbu. We were there to introduce @thewritersblock to the audience, our future plans and projects. I also did my very first public speaking, introducing @steempress-io. My return trip took just over twenty-four hours. @Jasonbu was to drop @rhondak off at Toronto Pearson International Airport mid-morning in time to catch her flight.…