Toronto Bound

  Source My latest international trip has been booked finally. A few months ago I traveled to Tennessee for the first Writers’ Block meetup where we drew up plans for our future growth. I planned to attend the Steemcreators and SMT summit in Toronto, along with @Rhondak, in just over 2 weeks. If you don’t

Travel, Health, Stress, and Why I’ll Do It Again

My new found taste for travel began last year with my solo trek to Portugal for Steemfest. Originally a friend was coming with me but the airline we booked with went into liquidation, and he could not afford to purchase further flights. Thanks to a @roelandp’s generosity, I managed to get the cheapest flights I

Trip to USA : The Long Trek Home

We returned to Gatlinburg for Scott to pick up his car and I made my farewells. Throughout my time in Tennessee, @sk43 made me more than welcome and took me under his wing, teaching me the ins and outs of American life. I think we have a lot in common, not least the love for

Trip to USA: Last Day Excursion

My final day in The States began with a hearty breakfast at IHOP. I just had to try pancakes with bacon, drizzled with syrup. Yes, it was good, damn good. I can imagine that after a month or two in America I would easily double in size – the portions are so big yet tasty,