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    Say Hi To Nugget. Muxxy’s Family Grows.

    Several weeks ago, before my trip to Toronto, a family friend was looking for a new home for a 4 foot tropical freshwater fish tank, complete with fish. She was moving to a smaller property and wouldn’t have the room. Ms Muxx agreed and we went to pick it up. Upon arriving we discovered that she also had cats, one of which had not long had kittens. They were adorable and we instantly fell in love with a little curious and friendly ginger Tom. He has a ginger sister, a black brother and two sisters, and a gorgeous tortoiseshell sister. The kittens were born July 31st. We already have a…

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    Muxxy Vlog #2 – Steem’s Greatest Asset

    Preparing to leave Canada, where I attended the #steemcreators conference, I reflect on what I believe to be Steem’s greatest asset: the global village and community of awesome Steemians. It’s not until you meet real people face to face, see their passion and understand the time they have invested into this platform, that you realize quite how precious the community is, and why it should be nurtured. Thanks for watching.

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    A Wild Kubby This Way Comes

    A few days ago I wrote about an expected visit from none other than the pink goddess and girl power queen @kubbyelizabeth. She had traveled to France for a wedding, popped over to London to meet up with @stickchumpion and then took on a four-hour train journey to meet the Muxxys. Her train was to arrive just before 11 pm and we had agreed to go pick her up from our local station, which is just five minutes away. As our car pulled up there she was: even in the darkness, her huge smile shone out across the carpark. I have spoken with Kubby for over twelve months and finally,…

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    My Life is About To Get More Pink

    Source Whatever do I mean? Are the Muxxy’s expecting a child of the female variety? God, no! Have I binged on watching the Pink Panther? Newp. Am I suddenly embracing my girlish side? As if. Let me explain. Early on during my first tour of duty as an MSP moderator, @kubbyelizabeth burst onto the PAL server with demands that her username should be in pink. She caused a mini girl power revolution and the pink was bestowed upon her and other users. Ordinarily, such forceful characters would get my hackles up, but Kubby is such a funny, caring, helpful lady that you cannot help but love her. She is a…

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    Muxxy’s Back. Oh Wait, You Didn’t Know I Was Gone?

    I have begun to start getting messages on Discord as it seems I have disappeared from the face of the Earth – it has been an incredible eleven days since I last posted on Steem, an eternity on the blockchain, especially for someone like me who tries to post at least once a day. Why so? Where have I been? What have I been up to? What’s wrong? Is the end nigh? Did aliens abduct me? Are dogs and cats going to be living together? Whoa there Skippy! Chill out, calm down, and let me explain. When I visited the States a few months back it was the fulfillment of…