Muxxy Draws: Glorious Glory the Raccoon

Some may know that @rhondak has been adopted by a raccoon she has called Glory. She rescued her as a kit and despite letting her go her merry way to live life as a wild animal, Glory insists on breaking into her house and making herself at home. It’s gotten so bad that Rhonda now

Clip Studio Paint Pro Review

Source These past few weeks I have been exercising my drawing muscles and trying out several sketching, drawing, and painting apps. Today I’m going to discuss Clip Studio Paint Pro, formerly known as Manga Studio. It was originally made for comic book and manga artists, but the toolset has been expanded very much. I had

Apple Pencil Review – From an Apple Hater

I hate doing this review. I don’t have any love for Apple or their products despite once owning several iPhones and iPads. Their ‘walled garden’ approach has never sat right with me and their lack of innovation in recent years has – in my opinion – put them somewhat on the back foot. That said,

Huion h950p Graphics Tablet Review – First Look

. As you may know, I am a hobbyist artist – until recently concentrating on 3D modeling. I have however started to explore sketching and painting digitally – a few days ago I posted about the beginnings of my journey and discussed Autodesk’s Sketchbook. I have a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet PC with pen

Autodesk Sketchbook and My ‘Traditional’ Art Journey

Source Yesterday I wrote about my recent absence and mentioned that I have taken a new focus on working traditionally with art, as opposed to my usual 3D modeling and rendering. I remember during my youth spending hours with a pencil in hand sketching everything I could see. Of course, I couldn’t totally forego the