Upgraded WordPress Hosting To VPS

Since deciding to add the @steempress-io WordPress plugin to my workflow I needed to secure some private hosting in addition to purchasing my domain name – muxxy.co.uk. I decided to go with Dreamhost and originally purchased their shared hosting package. This allowed me to host multiple sites on my server. I decided upon this option so that I could quickly add on domains for other steemians who wanted their own self-hosted blogs so that they too could enjoy the benefits of using the steempress plugin. For this, I charge the Steem equivalent of 20 USD for 12 months. They purchase their domain name, I install their WordPress on my hosting package.

Last week I received an email from Dreamhost warning me that a couple of the WordPress installations had consistently hit memory limits, most likely due to an unoptimized plugin.

At first, I contacted the two blog owners in question explaining the situation. Rather than leave it at that in the hopes that their blogs are optimized, I read the rest of the email that offered me the chance to upgrade to VPS hosting, giving me the first month for free. Using a Virtual Private Server I can scale memory limits and upgrade the RAM, and a VPS is in essence much faster and more stable than regular shared hosting. The increase in cost is negligible.

At the time of posting, I have upgraded to a VPS and Dreamhost is currently moving all domains from shared hosting to VPS. Hopefully once complete, all WordPress blogs hosted by me will be faster and more stable. I will, of course, be able to better manage the memory situation that led to this change.

I will not be sharing the increase in cost to those that use my hosting, and it will remain at $20 worth of Steem for 12 months. Get in touch via Discord if you are interested in taking advantage of my hosting. My username is GMuxx#8276 and you can find me at The Writers’ Block.

Note: this post contains affiliate links for Dreamhost, should you choose to purchase your own hosting.

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