Muxxy Draws: Glorious Glory the Raccoon

Some may know that @rhondak has been adopted by a raccoon she has called Glory. She rescued her as a kit and despite letting her go her merry way to live life as a wild animal, Glory insists on breaking into her house and making herself at home. It’s gotten so bad that Rhonda now leaves a window open, just to save on the destruction of her property.

I have begun flexing my drawing muscles lately and decided to try to capture Glory’s attitude and general demeanor in a cartoon format. During my recent visit to Tennessee, I had a chance to meet Glory at @rhondak’s animal rescue called @tarc. I soon discovered that this raccoon does not much appreciate strangers in HER home, and she was akin to a furry chainsaw, looking for any chance to rip my face off.

I created this in Clip Studio Paint Pro, which I reviewed yesterday. I first changed the background layer to a more neutral color before laying down a rough sketch with a pencil. I didn’t want her to look mean and angry so much as annoyed.

I lowered the opacity of the rough sketch then added a layer on top to clean up the sketch, fixing the eyes, ears and chin/lip.

Rather than keep refining the sketch, I jumped straight to inking after adding a vector layer on top. As I mentioned in yesterday’s review, you can edit the vector lines after laying them down. This helps to get just the right thick to thin to add a little expression and to smooth out the strokes. Once completed I converted the vector layer to a raster/pixel layer.

Using the inking as a reference layer, I was able to quickly fill in the different areas with color. I painted in the lighter grey at the bottom of the face and added a highlight to the right and shadow to the right. Finally, I painted in a quick background behind all my layers.

Thanks for looking.




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