Muxxy’s Back. Oh Wait, You Didn’t Know I Was Gone?

I have begun to start getting messages on Discord as it seems I have disappeared from the face of the Earth – it has been an incredible eleven days since I last posted on Steem, an eternity on the blockchain, especially for someone like me who tries to post at least once a day.

Why so? Where have I been? What have I been up to? What’s wrong? Is the end nigh? Did aliens abduct me? Are dogs and cats going to be living together?

Whoa there Skippy! Chill out, calm down, and let me explain.

When I visited the States a few months back it was the fulfillment of a personal dream. I always wanted to visit America. I was so pumped to be going that the reason I did so seemed to be only secondary. However, it was important to the future of @thewritersblock and our plans going forward. When we planned it months back, everyone seemed to be on board with the idea: with @instructor2121’s assistance, we are making a new frontend called Wordrow which will feature the very best written word Steem posts on its front page, without taking into account promoted posts via bots. It will be our version of trending, a place where readers can find the very best content and where we can put skilled writers front and center, without all the unnecessary Steemit drama.

After returning from Tennessee I fully expected my trip to take its toll on my health – neurological conditions like MS are unpredictable and if you push yourself too hard, your body will punish you for it. The multiple airports, delays, flights, and stay in Tennessee were quite hectic. A few weeks went by and I thought I was ok, but in hindsight, I think I was still living off the adrenalin and my Multiple Sclerosis eventually reminded me I am not the healthy man I once was.

On top of this, stress makes things much much worse and is one of the things I do my damndest to avoid, as stress can drag my health down dramatically. It seemed that some people who were previously fully behind our plans at The Writers’ Block now had a problem with them and decided to leave our community, and people I once counted as friends now turned their backs on me. The stress indeed took its toll. You see, when I was first diagnosed with MS, many friends I thought I had became mysteriously absent, as they didn’t want to have to deal with the situation. It’s times like those when you realize who your true friends are. I am used to ‘friends’ disappearing on me, yet it still hurts and disappoints, and added to the stress and health problems.

In addition to this, a few weeks back my other half had to stay and look after her dad. He had a stroke several years ago and is bed bound, so she takes over his care when her mum has a well earned holiday. Real life beckoned and demanded I take care of the house and one of our two kids, the other stayed with her mum. At the start of the second week, the schools closed for summer break, so I could hardly lock myself in my office and leave my son to fend for himself.

Instead, I took the opportunity to take a breather, take stock of things and sort my health and head out. My son and I baked, watched movies, and played games. All the while I knew that @rhondak and @anarcho-andrei hand their hands on the helm at The Writers’ Block. In the meanwhile, I returned to traditional art and drawing, rather than my usual forays into the 3D modeling world. I needed a new focus, a change of pace.

You see, despite the hiccup we recently experienced at The Block, we are more focused than ever on our future and direction. It has given us an opportunity to evaluate our strengths as a community and to mix things up. Rather than relying on editors, we have made great strides to build new workshops, working on writing skills via voice and text channels and they have been incredibly well received. When life gives you lemons, you have to¬†go make cocktails. Life is a funny thing and things happen beyond your control, but in my experience, there is ultimately a reason why they need to happen, and usually, it’s for the best even if at first you don’t realize it.

So, expect more posts, more rambles, and more Muxxy.

I’m back baby!


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