Not More Travel? Why yes, bring on Steemfest3.

So here I was yesterday, formulating my latest post and discussing all the good fortune I have had since joining Steem and traveling around the world. At least I didn’t have a Steemfest to contend with this year, right? But no…along comes @rolandp today and announces the dates for the third fest, this time in Poland. Seriously dude, really? It will shortly come to a point where I have traveled aboard more planes than cars this year!

In all seriousness, I am somewhat glad Steemfest3 is being held in Kraków, Poland. I have checked the flights and hotels, and Polish prices are smoking hot! Last year’s event, held in Lisbon, was fantastic for me. I got to meet other Steemians and people I had spoken with online. I also made so many new and awesome connections. It was great for me personally and for my Steem life. This year will be even better I predict as I hadn’t been on the platform that long last year. Also, in November 2017 The Writers’ Block was a mere two months old. This time we have a year under our belts throughout which we have expanded, grown in scope and focus on our future with our front-end project and the publishing house.

To this end, @rhondak, my fellow admin and co-creator of The Block, is considering getting over her phobia of flight and joining me in Poland to network our community and connect with investors and interested parties. Rhonda will be having a trial run in September as we both fly to Toronto for the Steem Creators and SMT conference. In addition to my Canada trip, I have a 12-day family vacation on one of the Canary Islands in early October.

The Details

This year’s event begins on the 7th of November and runs through to the 11th. As mentioned previously, it is being held in Kraków, Poland. This is one of Poland’s oldest cities and is its second largest. At one time the city used to be the capital of the country. It lies in the southern part of Poland on the Vistula River, at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains. A quick flick through Google images reveals a beautiful medieval city.

Two official Steemfest Hotels, the Qubus Hotel and INX Design Hotel, both four stars, are available for pre-booking rooms – make sure you use the steemfest promo code to get slightly reduced rates. Failing that, the city offers many hostels, apartments, and hotels in all price brackets.

I am so looking forward to again meeting many other Steemians and to reconnect with last year’s attendees. It also presents a brilliant opportunity to share our project – @thewritersblock – with the wider community and potential investors.

Are you considering attending? Maybe we can meet up. Let me know in the comments below.

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