Trip to USA – I Hit a Snag

After a short hop over the Irish Sea, the flight was smooth and lasted around fifty minutes, before I landed in Dublin.

Advised by the air stewards, I made my way to US preclearance, waited in the longest queue imaginable before emptying my bags, removing my shoes, hat and belt.

Agent Smith – yes, really – photographed me, interrogated me, took my fingerprints, and photographed me again. He let me in. Walking to the departure gates, a terrible sight greeted me…

Can you guess which flight is mine? If you answered ‘the delayed one’ treat yourself to a cookie. This would mean that I would be landing in Washington ten minutes after my connecting flight to Knoxville. Le sigh.

Naturally I needed to speak with a United Airlines representative, but for the next hour or so they were busy checking people into a Chicago flight. Once I managed to speak to somebody, I was told that the flight to Knoxville is the last one of the day and I would have to wait in Washington until tomorrow lunchtime for a seat.

I relayed this information to @Rhondak and she demonstrated exactly why I call her muh Queen: she immediately offered to drive to Washington to pick me up! After checking with staff that my luggage would be dropped off in Washington, they reprinted me a new boarding pass, and now I wait for another hour or so until boarding.

I have been awake over 24 hours now and I really hope I get some shut eye on the long flight across the Atlantic. See you Stateside!


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