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With my forthcoming trip to Gatlinburg, TN next week, I thought I would take a look at downloading the WordPress app for my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 for posting on the go. So I visited the Google Play Store, downloaded it and linked it to my WordPress blog at – with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse connected, I am now writing this post.

If you have followed my blog these past few weeks, you will know that I have started using the awesome WordPress plugin from @steempress-io to be able to write posts on my personal blog, then have it reposted to Steem.

There are several reasons why I decided to do this: firstly, although I am a dab hand at markdown now, the post editor in WordPress is much more feature rich than that on Steemit or Busy. I don’t have to constantly check that I have formatted the various codes etc properly. I click and it’s done.

Next, the world wide readership of WordPress blogs is way in excess of the number of readers on the Steem blockchain. As a creator, I want as many people to see what I write and design as possible. Although I love the Steem community, retention is quite low here and even getting a ‘normie’ to read a Steem blog can present a challenge.

Navigating the history of your own Steem blog can present a challenge: what if you only want to see posts from a certain category, one that only uses certain tags for example? On a WordPress blog this is very simple. Not so much with Steem blogs.

I also like to be an individual and be able to present my content in whatever way I want, and to have the option to share it to other platforms. Did you know that Facebook and Reddit for example do their best to hide Steem links? Not cool.

Finally, @steempress-io have been delegated an incredible 1 million Steem to upvote worthy blogs that use their plugin and I am happy to say that I have been whitelisted to receive said votes.

A lot of @thewritersblock members have jumped on board with this plugin as they already have a WordPress blog. Others have seen its benefits and have purchased domain names – for those that don’t know, the free WordPress blogs do not allow the user to install plugins, instead they either have to upgrade to the WordPress business plan, which isn’t cheap, or host their own at a third party host.

With many of our members deciding to go this route, I have purchased a hosting plan that allows me to have as many domains on it as I wish. Anyone who has purchased a domain name can have their WordPress blog hosted with my host at for a very reasonable $25 a year, paid in the equivalent in Steem or SBD. If you are interested, get in touch with me on Discord. My username is Muxxy#8276 and I can be found on PALnet and The Writers’ Block.

So, with luck, a fair wind, and technology allowing, as I press publish on WordPress, this post should shortly appear on my Steem blog. This will be very handy when traveling to The States next week.

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