Happy Father’s Day – What Being a Dad Means to me

Last night was rough: I attended a good friend’s birthday party / BBQ yesterday evening and much food and drink were consumed. It was one of those rare occasions where I let my hair down and forgot about Steem for a while.

Needless to say, when a timid little knock on my bedroom door woke me up this morning, I was not feeling my best. I soon brightened however as my six-year-old daughter presented me with breakfast in bed and my eleven-year-old son carried a steaming cup of strong black coffee. To seal the deal they had both made father’s day cards, and those really are the best.

I didn’t have much of a happy childhood. Check this post to get a taste. However, my experiences molded me into the man I am today and in a strange way, I have to be thankful for that. When I am around my kids, I am a child again. I’m silly, playful, teasing and loving, as much a friend as a father. I try to be what I never had growing up and enjoy what feels like a second childhood. My better half often despairs at having a grown-up kid around the house.

As most fathers, I am proud of my kids. My son is sharp as a button and always at the top of his class. He’s very much like a clone of me, a little bit shy and subdued around others, but incredibly smart. We regularly get called into school by his teacher to praise him for work, once even teaching a teacher’s assistant how to do some programming correctly.

Princess Muxxy…

As most fathers would think, my daughter is my little princess and I am wrapped around her little finger, and incredibly happy to be there. She also regularly turns me into a princess too, complete with make-up and crown. I draw the line at the clothes…

I am also happy to claim to be a stepfather to my significant other’s children by a previous relationship. Their father has never wished to play his part in their lives, and I was happy to be able to step in. My stepdaughter also has a son, making me a grandfather to a cheeky little rascal, and as with my son and daughter, I am like a child around him too.

I am tinged with sadness at times, regretting my own father never putting in the effort to be a dad, or indeed a grandfather to my children. The pub was his second home, that took precedence over his three sons and, ironically, that’s what ultimately killed him a few years back. Out of respect, I attended his funeral, but it was a stranger I buried that day.

I want the very best for my kids and towards this end, I have been talking with my significant other for a while now about emigrating. Where to exactly, we are unsure as yet and it is a nebulous plan. England is quickly turning into a country where I see little future for my children, much of Europe in fact. I long for the day when I can earn a living online – such as here on Steem – to be able to support my family anywhere in the world. I want them to have opportunities I never had, I want them to make something of themselves and above all, I wish them safety, security, and happiness. I want them to see the wider world, learn from it and find their place in it.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads and single moms out there who fill both roles. 


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