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Gatlinburg Bound

In exactly a week’s time I shall be in Dublin, awaiting my flight to Washington, where I will catch my connecting flight to Knoxville, TN. I am beyond excited. Not only will this be my first time travelling outside Europe, but I will have the distinct pleasure of meeting many members of The Writers’ Block and several other prominent Steemians.

This hastily arranged meetup is not purely social: there are the future plans of The Writers’ Block on the agenda with us discussing a presentation from certain devs that will propel our community onto bigger and better things. Thanks to @neoxian, I was able to take out a loan to pay for my flights – without this I would not have been able to make it and I am eternally grateful.
Over the past few weeks many people have donated both to myself and @thewritersblock – who also took out a loan to pay for the hire of a cabin for us. Huge thanks to everyone who has supported us. I would like to give a special thanks to @enginewitty who sent along the income from 7 daily posts to me. I can’t wait to meet you in person to thank you. Expect a few man hugs.

While so excited, I am also quite apprehensive. This is the furthest I have traveled, certainly on my own. My last solo trip was to Portugal last year for Steemfest. Will I catch my flights in time? Will I get held up by security? What do I do if something happens over the Atlantic? I’m not that great a swimmer. What if my MS rears its ugly head and puts me on my back in the next week? What if it happens in the States? Yes, I worry perhaps a little too much. I’m sure all will be fine and that once I finally arrive, I will have the time of my life.

This is one of the greatest things I have experienced since signing up to Steem just over a year ago. The generosity of the wider community knows no bounds and last year helped me get to Portugal. Thanks again to Steem I get to travel to America next week. As someone who cannot work due to ill health, this is absolutely amazing to me and is incredibly humbling. Despite the negativity that is displayed at times on Steem, it is still an incredible place filled with incredible people.

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