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Witness Team Announcement – NobleWitness Assembles




At the start of the year, I announced and ran a witness. It went reasonably well with many gracious votes for me. Unfortunately, a few months on I had to retire for two reasons: suddenly 32GB was not a big enough memory capacity, meaning I had to pay to set up and upgrade to a larger server. At the time I didn’t have the funds to accomplish that. My second reason was due to my health: I was going through a bad patch with my MS, and my head just wasn’t in the game.

I still strongly believe that a good show of faith in Steem is running a witness and supporting the blockchain. I have thought for a while now that maybe I should join a witness team with like-minded Steemians who share the same core values that I do. I always advertised myself as more of a social witness with no delusions of being a dev, therefore was keen to find more technically minded people to run the server while I got on with the business of community building.

So, big announcement incoming

I am very happy to announce that following deep discussions with three other people, I have decided to join an existing team, that of @sircork and my co-admin of The Writers’ Block, @rhondak. Joining us will be another prominent Writers’ Block leader @anarcho-andrei. The team name and account it will run from will be called @noblewitness – or no-bull witness. What you see is what you’ll get with @noblewitness, doing what we can to support the Steem community.

We shall share server costs and whatever income we generate equally. My share will be focused on helping to support The Writers’ Block and @rhondak’s animal shelter @tarc. As invested as I am in my own community, I also strongly support creatives across Steem.

In summary, our witness will exist to lift the voices of users via our communities, tools, writing, curation, broadcasting and charitable service work. We believe in a shift in witnessing towards team witnesses, one where we can pool our time, expertise, finances, and platform and community awareness into one cohesive force to serve our supporters more effectively.

Click HERE to read the complete @noblewitness mission statement.

Who are we and why should you vote for us?

@rhondak is a force of nature and the co-admin of @thewritersblock. You would struggle to find a more honest and forthright Steemian. With a skin toughened by running the @tarc animal shelter in a hostile local environment, this lady is a tough cookie, but one with a heart of gold. Rhonda is a real-life author and a professional fiction editor.

@sircork is vocal in the witness community, pushing for changes beneficial to lower ranked witnesses and Steemians in general. His major project is the YouAreHOPE foundation, which leverages the transparent power of the blockchain to support humanitarian aid endeavors around the world. He also runs the SteemStar Network, a radio station producing a wide variety of shows on various topics.

@anarcho-andrei is a founding member and part of the leadership team at The Writers’ Block. He has run a witness node since August last year, keeping pace with the requirements. He studies law at Thomas Jones School of Law in Montgomery, AL and is a member of the veteran community on Steem.

@gmuxx is co-admin of The Writers’ Block, a rapidly growing community of writers for writers of all abilities. Under his and @rhondak’s guidance, The Writers’ Block has fast become the place to go for editing, critique and writing support. He has been a moderator at PALnet since its founding, curates fiction for the @minnowsupport project, is a curator for @OCD and a member of many Steem related Discord communities.

Server details

@noblewitness is currently hosted by and has the following specifications:

  • 64GB DDR3 RAM
  • Intel i7 Quad-Core Processor
  • 2x240GB SSD
  • 1 Gbit/s network connection
  • 20TB bandwidth limit

With an eye towards Hardfork 20, Hive Mind and appbase, we plan to move to a 96GB server with a 480GB SSD for the increased drive speed and as a buffer for future memory requirements. Another 96GB server is also planned, as a backup to the witness node. We are also planning to add a seed node to the network.

A call to my previous witness supporters

Although my old witness has been disabled for some time, I still have 184 people voting for me, totaling 422 MV. I would like to ask that anybody who supported my prior witness move their vote to @noblewitness. Click the link below to approve @noblewitness via SteemConnect.

Alternatively, visit and enter noblewitness in the text box at the bottom of the list.

If you support @sircork and @rhondak’s current witness, or @anarcho-andrei’s, please also move your votes to @noblewitness.

Should you need help moving your witness votes feel free to contact any of us.

Thank you in advance for your support



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