Hello Steem. I’m Muxxy, and I’m Back!

It has been a while since I last posted, a little over a week in fact. I feel I should apologise. After all, everyone says that you should post consistently, but sometimes life just doesn’t go that way. This time last week I had just returned from Toronto where I attended the Steemcreators conference along

Muxxy Vlog #2 – Steem’s Greatest Asset

Preparing to leave Canada, where I attended the #steemcreators conference, I reflect on what I believe to be Steem’s greatest asset: the global village and community of awesome Steemians. It’s not until you meet real people face to face, see their passion and understand the time they have invested into this platform, that you realize

SteemCreators Conference Toronto Video

A few days before I left for my Toronto trip I took possession of a new phone, a Samsung Galaxy Note 9. I soon discovered during my stay here that it takes excellent photos and video. Flipping through my gallery this morning I stumbled across a feature that allows you to compile photos and video

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Source I do my best not to be scared of many things. Sure, a recurring nightmare I have is spiders…flying spiders….not just regular old flying spiders, oh no. Flying spiders that spit fire. Yes, I kinda doubt that they will ever become a reality. Unless some mad scientist genetically engineers some, I don’t know. But,

Here I Go Again On My Own

It feels like only yesterday when I was setting out on my long trek to Tennessee for the first @thewritersblock meetup. In reality it was a few months ago. Yet here I sit on my first train, composing a post in the WordPress app on my brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 9, about to begin