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Speed Up Your WordPress Site Part 1

Speed is a very important consideration for visitors to your website. In the early days of the internet, web pages were tiny, reflecting the slower internet connections of the day.


As technology has marched on and increased our access speeds, websites have grown more complex and feature more media, resulting in much larger web pages to download. On the flip side of this, many visitors are using mobile devices to access the web and typically do not boast broadband speeds when out and about, so you must bear these visitors in mind too. Remember that Google’s algorithms favour faster loading sites and rank them higher.

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WordPress Security Part 2 – Hide Your Login and Admin Pages

Anybody who has used WordPress knows that the admin page can be found at /wp-admin and the login page is at /wp-login.


If a nefarious third party wants to hack your WordPress site and gain access to the back-end, these are their primary attack vectors.


To prevent this, it is advisable to hide these pages. Fortunately, with the help of a free plugin, it’s quite easy.

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WordPress Security Part 1 – SSL Certificates

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layers and it provides a method of encryption and an authentication protocol through security certificates. It not only protects your data from unauthorised access, but that of your site visitors. A secured website will use the https protocol in the URL with a locked padlock in all browsers.


If you click on the padlock your browser of choice should provide you with information regarding the certificate.


You not only want such a certificate, you NEED one. Google, scores websites with SSL certificates much higher than those without.


In this post I show you how to easily enable an SSL certificate on your WordPress site.

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Announcing Steemblogs.club

I have previously extolled the virtues of combining blogging on Steem with WordPress – making use of the Steempress plugin from @steempress.io.


Over the past nine months I have offered WordPress hosting for a reasonable $20 a year – payable in Steem or SBD – and I currently have 13 domains hosted.


During this time I have received no complaints about the service. Why get hosting when WordPress.com accounts are free? Simple, you cannot install plugins to free accounts and you have to pay $20 a month for a business account.

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We Have A Winner!

Last week I announced a small contest here. The winner would receive 12 months worth of WordPress hosting with me. I usually charge $25 in Steem or SBD for this. In addition, I offered to not only install WordPress for them but to set up their blog to their design and specifications.


To enter, all that was required was a comment below the post saying I’m in. The contest closed last night with just four entries. As promised, I entered all names into an online random picker and this is the result:


Congratulations @katrina-ariel, you’re the winner!

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Contest! 12 Months WordPress Hosting and More!

I have been using the @steempress-io WordPress plugin since the wonderful team of @fredrikaa and @howo pushed it to the plugin repository. It does a great job of reposting your WordPress posts to the Steem blockchain. In addition, the Steempress team gives generous upvotes to whitelisted authors.


Why should a Steem user be interested in posting from a WordPress blog though? Well, I explained several reasons in THIS POST nine months ago. WordPress websites account for almost 28% of all sites world wide. Using the built in editor is easier for some than struggling with markdown code here on Steem. If you want to build your audience further afield than Steem, this is a great option – which you can then further monetize via ads if you want to. 

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